Soul Mate

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A/N: I was cleaning my files when I found this old fanfiction. I thought I was going to share it with you. Enjoy!

Soul mate

"You wouldn't have thought he killed He Who Must Not Be Named by himself," nurse Emily whispered to her friend.

The two girls chuckled and glanced at Harry Potter. The man was pacing in the hallway, looking panicked. He was talking to himself in a low voice, looking frequently at the door number 3.

"Girls, give the guy a break, his wife's been in there for six hours. Being a hero doesn't mean he can't angst about becoming a father." A passing nurse said.

"You're such a party-crasher Marc."

"Well, better that than being unprofessional bitches like you!"

Emily looked insulted, but neither girl answered to Mark. He left them at their gossip; he had better used if his life anyway. For all his ten years as a nurse, he has been dedicated to the patient well-being. Judgments and malicious canards weren't in his favorite activities, and it never was. It was one of the reason he loved being around newborns so much.

All the babies were set up in their little bed, and Marc went straight to one of his favorite. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy was born two days ago and hadn't stopped crying since. He'd calmed down a little when his father was there, but outside of the couple of hours a night he slept, Scorpius was agitated. Most nurses took little heed of the baby, the name Malfoy seem to repel them, and it made Mark bitter. He was just a baby; he shouldn't have the burden of his family's past on his shoulder so early in life.

Slowly, he took him in his arm. Scorpius glared at him with his dark grey eyes which made Mark thought of the sky before a summer storm, a storm that was going to happen soon. As he thought that, the baby began to cry. He pressed Scorpius against him and walk around, singing a song to calm him. A nurse a couple of stall away was looking at him like he was crazy, but Mark ignored her. No matter what she thought, Mark knew the newborn needed love and attention just like anyone else.

He felt bad for the kid. Only two days old, and already hated by his peers. Marc saw a lot of love in his father eyes which was reassuring. He couldn't say the same about the mother who just seemed cold to him. She had barely looked at her son and barely acknowledged him in the two days she had been here. He was a firm believer that being love by your parent was the number one priority in having a healthy baby. He just hoped his father's love would be enough.

"It's a boy, Mrs Potter. It's a boy."

Despite the sweat and the hurt, Ginny smiled. Albus was crying his lung out. James had been a relatively calm baby, if you compared him to his younger brother. Ginny didn't mind though, it means Albus was healthy. She had a long night and had difficulties keeping her eyes open. She felt asleep on the view of her son being clean by her healer.

When she was going to wake up, Harry and her little Jamie will be at her side.

Emily saw the doctor put the baby in a blanket and handed it to her. She took him with disgust. She never wanted to be in this part of the hospital, but since the director didn't let her choose...

She hated babies; all they were doing was crying and pooping. She had never seen the fun of it. Bitter, she went to the nursery as fast as she could, like she thought she would caught some weird baby-illness if she was too long with it. She walked as fast as she could.

There were a lot of cries coming from the room full of babies. When she opened the door, she saw her nemesis, Marc holding the Malfoy kid. She held the snarky comment that came easily to her, having seen in first row how mad the other nurse became when Malfoy was concern. She put the baby in his new bed, filled the files and left.

When Emily entered with the newborn, Marc was surprise to see Scorpius' sobbing calmly. For a second, he even thought he heard a giggle, but two days was too young for that. Trying to get rid of her newborn, Mary hadn't seen it, but Marc saw clearly Albus Potter's emerald eyes lock into his protégée's storming grey.

Marc felt the magic and the electricity in the air. Silence filled the nursery. It seemed to Marc that both babies glowed. He felt his knee weakening. It couldn't be right. Repressing an irrepressible laugh, he decided to test his theory. It was better not to jump to conclusion.

Slowly, he walked near Albus's bed, and he put Scorpius alongside him. In awe, Marc saw Scorpius little hand reach for Albus's. And when he tried to separate the two, both began to cry their lung out.

"Those two are soul mate!" He thought. "It's gonna be interesting."

He couldn't wait to see the look on the parents face when he was going to tell them about their son. This sure was going to be the first big test of Draco Malfoy's love for his first born.


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A/N: This fic is a Christmas gift for obsessivegirl73 that I have written for the Secret Santa Competition. I hope you enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

A Little Fall of Rain by AJ. Horn

Lysander's bedroom was a mess. Clothes were piling up on his bed, the floor, and even on his brother's bed. He must have changed himself a million times, but it seems to him that nothing fit well enough for the Christmas Eve's party at the Potter's manor.

"It's becoming ridiculous," Lorcan said as he pushed two robes to be able to sit on his bed, "let's just go, 'cause if you continue like that, we'll be late, and it wouldn't be fashionably-late."

"You don't get it."

"Course I do. You want to attract Molly's attention. You always do."

"It may be my only chance to make a move."

"If I were you, I'll worry less about clothes and more at getting stuck in the friend's zone."

Lysander suddenly stopped to knot his tie. "The friend's zone? I'm already in the freakin' friend's zone. It can't be worse than it is now."

"It can always be worse, always."

Lysander was about to say something, but Lorcan cut him before he could. "Let's go, I promise James I would be there by nine thirty."

Lorcan grabbed Lysander's arm and Apparated them in front of the Potter's house.

"You didn't even let me get my hair straight-"

Lorcan rolled his eyes and passed a hand in his hair. "Here we go, perfect!"

Already, the door was fleeing open, and James pulled Lorcan to him. As Lorcan let himself being dragged by his boyfriend, he smiled at Lysander and shouted: "Get her under the mistletoe and tell her how you feel once and for all."

Laughing, Lysander went inside the house.

The house was full of young adults. Lysander recognized most of them for having been to school with them, but some of them were strangers. Being invited to a party by James Potter was always an honour. He was James Potter after all, sex symbol and acclaimed seeker for the Puddlemere United, son of Harry Potter and brother of famous actress Lily Luna. Their family were friends from before the war, and with Lorcan dating James for the last four years or so, Lysander was part of the permanent guests list.

Lysander walk through the crowd, waving to the people he knew, but with only one goal; finding Molly Weasley.

He met Molly for the first time at the hospital, the day of her birth. He was almost three at the time, and he remembered that Lorcan couldn't stay put as they waited for their turn near the new born. When he first saw her, she was flustered in her crib. He had reached to touch her, and she had grabbed his finger. He was hooked.

Twenty years later, he was never stop being close to her. With time, their friendship has change into love for Lysander, but Molly was still considering him a friend and nothing more.

"Hey Lucy, is your sister around?"

"The last time I saw her, she was upstairs with Jonathon."

Lysander felt his heart miss a beat. Jonathon was Molly's boyfriend for the last couple of months. He broke up with her two weeks ago, and Lysander was hoping that enough time had pass for him to make his move.

"Was that long ago?"

"I was just there; they must still be upst-"

Lysander didn't let her completed her sentence and was already moving toward the stairs. On the second floor, Molly was sobbing. Jonathon was in front of her, but it didn't make any moves to comfort her. He walked away, pushing Lysander in the wall as he raced by. As a result, Molly sobbed even more.

Lysander ran to her, and she settle in his arm, grabbing his shoulder and sobbing against him. He hugged her and let her cry. When she calmed down a little, he brought her to the closest room which happened to be the family room. He sat her on the couch. He got an arm around her shoulder and waited until she was ready to talk.

"I'm sorry. I look awful."

"You're beautiful."

"You always say that." She tried to smile through the tears.

"Because it's the truth. What happen? Do you want me to beat his sorry arse?"

She had a laugh that was almost real. "No, it's fine. I don't even know what I ever saw in him, anyway."

"I have a gift for you," he said to change the subject.

She had wet eyes when she took the little box he gave her. She opened it, and placed one hand on her heart.

"Ly- you shouldn't have."

"I wanted to."

He took the box from her hands and pull the necklace out of the box. She turned her back from him. He reached for her hair, getting them out of the way, breathing the subtle perfume. He brushed the skin of her neck, and she shivered under the touch. The tension increased, as he lean to attach the fine silver string around her neck. The bright snowflake-shaped locket sparkled when she turned and the light got caught in it. It was beautiful and very feminine. Lysander had thought about Molly as soon as he had seen it in the showcase.

"It's magnificent."

One tear slide on her cheek, and Lysander brushed his thumbs to erase it. Their eyes locked with each other, and Lysander knew what he had to do. It could be the end, or the beginning. He licked his lips, and leaned toward her.

Almost to his surprise, she answered the kiss, opening her lips to him. It was the most perfect moment of his life, but it soon came to a stop when she pushed him away. She stood fast. "I'm sorry, I-"

"Molly, please, I love you, I-"

"I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant, that's what me and Jonathon were talking about earlier. I had to tell him, but he- he doesn't want anything to do with the baby."

And then she was sobbing again, and Lysander hugged her tight. "It's his lost," he whispered to her ear, "I am not going anywhere."


Lysander backed a little, and took her chin in his fingers. "I've been in love with you forever, and if you'll want me, I'll be with you for years to come."

"Didn't you hear me when I said I was pregnant from Jonathon?"

"Oh, I did heard you just fine, but I don't care. You are going to need help with him or her, and no one actually care about who is the progenitor."

"You will really do that? Help me raise it?" There was hope in her voice.

"I'll do anything for you."

He gave her a closed-mouth kiss, and she snuggled into his arm.

"What will I do without you?"

He smiled, but didn't say anything. They stayed like that a moment before someone barged into the room. James and Lorcan entered, snogging. They didn't realise immediately that Lysander and Molly were there until Lysander coughed.

Lorcan smirked. "Oh, are we interrupting something here?"

"Yeah, you kind of are." Molly replied as she tightened her grip on Lysander.

"Come, babe, we should let them alone."

The boys left the room with laughter, and Molly kissed Lysander.

He answered the kiss of course. He opened his mouth, welcoming her tongue. They sat back on the couch without separating their lips. They snogged, and laughed, and talked all evening without much interruption.

When midnight struck, they barely heard the celebration outside, too busy planning their newly joined future.


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"I'm booooored." I say of my most plaintive voice.

"Louis chéri, why don't you go play outside? I think I saw Hugo going into the broom shed. You like your cousin Hugo don't you?"

That's my mommy, she always calls me chéri. It's French for sweetie ya know. She's beautiful my mommy. I want hair just like hers, all blonde and long and shiny, but Dommy says long hairs are for girl. I don't believe her, I saw pictures with daddy and he had long red hair. If he can have hair like that, I can too.

"Don't want to."

I cross my arm to show her I'm not going to go outside. It's too cold.

"Well go see if your father's need anything. He was with your Uncle Ron in the basement. You can't stay here; Granny and I are busy cooking."

In the living room, James and his friend Scorpius are doing weird things with their mouths. It's like mommy and daddy, but it's two boys and it's not really the same. It's like James is trying to swallow Scorpius whole.


They finally separating. It's funny because Scorpius is all red, like a tomato. "Go away, bug." James says.

Scorpius hit him behind the head, but I'm already out the door.

Grownups are so weird, trying to eat each other like that. I'll never, ever, do something that gross.

It the kitchen, mommy and granny are still cooking, and I don't want to go back to the living room.

"Where's Hugo, Mommy?"

He is my favourite cousin. He is the coolest of all, and he never mind me around.

"I already told you five minutes ago that he was outside."

When I'm about to get out, I hear granny behind me. "Don't forget you coat. And don't play behind the broom shed, it's too dangerous. You wouldn't want some of those big icicles to fall on you won't you?" And she turns to mommy. "I'm telling Arthur to get rid of those for ages—"

It's so cold outside that I'm shivering.

I run to the broom shed, but Hugo is not inside. I look around, and I finally found him. He is sitting with a book.

"Hugo," I cry, "you're sitting under the icicles!"

He raises his head. "Eh?"

"The icicles! They could fall on you and kill you!"

"Oh you're right," he tells me, "we shouldn't be here."

He gave me his hand and she is hot against mine. It's not fair he can use magic and not me.

"Come," he says, "I think Aunt Ginny is here. Maybe she can make us some hot chocolate."

"The cranberry one?"

"Of course, if you want."

"Yeah! First one inside win!"

And just like that, I am running towards the Burrow.

I was there before him, so I win. Neat isn't it?

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When I arrive at the Burrow, I can see the smoke leaving the chimney to reach the sky, and I think about my late-Uncle Fred who's probably not so proud of me right now.

It's my first Christmas Post-Hogwarts, and the last couple of months had been nerve-wracking. I move out of the house, I had to find a first job, and my girlfriend of the last year and a half broke up with me by owl minutes before being fired from said-first job.

The economy sucks, and I'm a single jobless nineteen-year-old in despair.

When he was my age, dad was living his life and making his joke shop worked in a time of war. People didn't want to laugh for Godric's sake, and still the shop was busy like hell.

Me, however, I am seriously considering going back into living with my parents.

I'm a failure.

Granny Molly welcomes me with all the exuberance of her habits. I can't help but smile, just a little, because, well, it's granny Molly, and she is always so jovial you cannot not smile when she's there.

"Oh Roxy, you're so thin. You are sure you are eating alright?" she said, and I'm resisting telling her than I took a couple of pounds recently and was trying to lose them.

Granny is all over me, and not matter how much I love her, I'd rather much prefer being alone a little.

I notice Scorpius who's looking at me with a funny expression. I don't see James anywhere, but I'm guessing that he isn't far. Those two are tied by the lips, I swear.

I used to be like that with Lizzie too. I'm shaking my head. Why on hell am I thinking about her again? I need to get over her, damn it!

"I'm sorry, gran, but I wanted to talk to Scorpius." I say.

"Of course, of course, I'll go back to the kitchen now."

"So, you have something you want to tell me?"

"Not really."

"That's what I thought. How do you holding up?"

As of today, Scorpius is the only one who knows about the breakup-firing situation. The family knows I'm not with Lizzie anymore, and they know I don't have a job anymore, but they don't know how it happened and how it actually really affected me.

"I'll be fine."


He knows me too well, being my best friend and all. "I'm fine, really. I just need a job, fast." He open his mouth, and I just know what he is about to say, so I cut him. "No. I am NOT taking money from you."

We may be best friend and confident, but I'm still a Weasley, and he is still a Malfoy. I have too much proud for that.

"Yeah, I didn't think you would. "

He passes a arm around my shoulder, just like I did to him when he came out to me at thirteen. He was about to cry back then, but this time, I'm the one about to cry.

"We'll get through this together," he said, and I laugh, because that the same freakin' words I said.



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People often think that my favorite season is the Quidditch season. Don't give me wrong, Quidditch is awesome, and I am one of the best players at Hogwarts. I even considered a career of playing professionally. Quidditch season is definitely a close second favourite.

For me, the best season of all is the winter. I have that distinct memory of winter. In the winter, Al, Lil, mom, dad and me, we would go out in the snow. We would do the biggest snowman we could. Mom would bewitch him so he could participate to the most epic snowball fight. We would go back inside cold and exhausted, and we would all snuggle on the couch with a fluffy blanket in front of the fire. And mom would do a killer gingerbread-flavoured hot chocolate for us.

Mmmm. I am just thinking about it right now and my mouth salivates.

Maybe I should go ask the House-Elves to make one to me?

Nah, he won't be as good anyway, and—

Shit! I'm freakin' late for my date. He is so going to kill me. We've been together long enough that I know just how much Scorpius Malfoy hates waiting.

I almost hit my cousin Rosie as I get out of the Common Room.

Of course, he is already at the Requirement Room when I arrive, and I feel extra guilty because he is so damn cute all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket in front of a fire with a fuming cup in his hands.

The spicy scent of gingerbread and chocolate just flows to my nostril, and I smile.

He hands me a cup, and I snuggles against him.

"Mmm. Delicious, and I reckon it's just as good as my mom's."

"It's because it is your mother's recipe. I owled her aft—"

I kiss him because he won't shut up now, and really, because I can't live one more minute without kissing him.


Year 2012

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For the year 2012, I made a pledge to write 200K. Came join me!

GetYourWordsOut: Back for a 4th Year!
Pledges & Requirements |
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A/N: This is the last chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter Two

Scorpius Malfoy couldn't take it anymore. All he wanted to do was scream at the top of his lungs to stop Albus from making another mistake. He wished he could just stop looking at the limp man the man he loved had become since his disappearance. He wished he could do the same as the rest of his family and pretend like/that nothing had happened to them. But he couldn't. He didn't have the strength to look away. So he watched as his train-wreck of a boyfriend was falling off the cliff that had become his life. Maybe if Albus could find a way to move on, Scorpius could move on too. Maybe then he could go back to the manor and pretend.

It will be so great — better than the pathetic sight of a highly drunk Albus going through old photographs with that bloody wooden box in front of him. It wasn't like when they were teenagers, getting drunk just because they could.

It was fun back then. You were climbing on tables; you were dancing and fooling around. You didn't crawl in your living room stuck in memory land.

It was only seven thirty, and Scorpius was yawning already. New Year Eve was always so boring at the Ministry. He envied Albus, who was probably enjoying himself in the continuous noise and laughter at the Burrow. The Weasleys were so much more fun than these uptight aristocrats.

He'd almost begged his parents not to bring him, but they had refused, saying that everyone in respectable society was going to be there. The face his grandfather, Lucius, had made when Scorpius pointed out that Mr Potter wasn't coming had been priceless, but it didn't change the fact that he missed Albus like crazy.

"Scorpius! Scorpius!"

Scorpius recognised the voice immediately. It was Evangeline, an annoying classmate. He ignored her and tried to ditch her in the crowd. She didn't seem to understand that just because he was gay didn't mean he was interested in clothes and hair products.

She was closing in on him when he felt a familiar presence near him. "Hey babe," he heard before being dragged under Albus' invisibility cloak.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to save you. What else? Teddy's bought us alcohol, and everyone's waiting for us in that room he found during his training."

"If my family find out I bailed on the party —"

"Well, I can still leave you with her..." Albus pointed at Evangeline, who was by now almost close enough to bump into them.

In response, Scorpius took his hand. Albus smiled and brought him to the mysterious room.

Unsurprisingly, Scorpius got punished pretty badly for having ditched the party to get drunk, but it had been worth it.

Coming back to his senses, Scorpius sat beside Albus. He wished he could touch him, just one last time.

"Scorpius..." The whisper was full of despair and it stabbed him right through the heart.

Someone knocked twice at the door, but Albus didn't even react. He took another sip of firewhiskey while turning the pages of the photo album.

"Albus Severus Potter! Open up the damn door!"

Albus stood up, scrambling as he made it to the entrance. His hand shook as he reached for the doorknob. Scorpius stood still behind him.

"What — burp — want?"

"For Merlin's sake, Al! How much have you had to drink?"


James Potter pushed his brother aside in order to enter the house and made his way to the living room.

"Shit, Al. What's wrong with you?"

James glared at Albus. Already he was holding an empty bottle of firewhiskey in each hand; two other bottles — one of them half full — were still at his feet. He began to clear them away under Albus' protestations. Albus, however, was weakened by the alcohol and couldn't really stop James from doing whatever he wanted. Heck, even when sober he couldn't stop his brother from doing as he pleased.

"Gimme…" Albus pleaded, stumbling over his own feet.

Scorpius made a pointless move toward him while James rolled his eyes. "Really, Al? Don't you have any pride at all? Malfoy died ten years ago!"

"You — burp — hate — burp — Scor."

"You know that's not true. Sure the lad wasn't my favourite person in the world, but... he wasn't a bad lad. And he made you happy." James tried to smile, and Albus took that moment to throw up his last meal.

"Great!" said James to himself. "Now I'll have to clean up everything."

He brought Albus away from the vomit and took out a potion from his pocket. "Take this potion. You'll feel better."

"No." Albus moved his head left and right frenetically.

He may have been drunk, but he could still tell what kind of potion it was just by the colour and the scent. He felt dizzy and ready to throw up again, but he'd rather that than take this potion.

He didn't see his brother coming at him. Before he knew it, James had stabilised him and was forcing the amber liquid of the potion down his throat.

It wasn't long before he collapsed in James' arms. James took him to the couch, laid him down and left the living room to get a blanket.

In other circumstances, Scorpius would have strongly opposed James' treatment of Albus. There was something wrong about forcing someone to drink a potion without their consent. But he had to admit that he was relieved to see Albus sleeping peacefully for once.

Scorpius sat near Albus and started slowly clearing his face from the hairs glued to his forehead. He smiled sadly as he leaned down toward Al to brush his lips against his. He closed his eyes, wishing he could actually really touch him. He couldn't feel the warmth or the softness of his lips. It was unsettling.

"Why do you put yourself through this, son?"

Scorpius jumped and stood up. "Dad! What are doing here? You were the one insisting we should listen to Grandfather and stay at the manor."

"He is trying to find a way —"

"He's the one who put us in this mess in the first place!"

"Do not raise your voice with me, son."

"I'll raise my voice if I fucking want! The sick bastard was doing illegal experimentations in the hope of finding a way to destroy all Muggles, and now we're stuck here, and I have to look at the man I was going to marry while he's destroying himself because of him! "

The more he talked, the more he raised his voice and the more tears rolled down his cheeks. His knees felt weak, and Scorpius had to steady himself on the only thing he could touch: his father.

Scorpius could hear his heart beating in his chest. This wasn't a bad stress. It was more like the kind of nervousness he'd had the first time he had sex with Albus. He was anxious about the unknown elements of the situation, but at the same time, he was thrilled because he was taking the last step toward a life with Albus.

If everything went well, he will soon be Mr Scorpius Malfoy-Potter. He had dreamt of that since their first kiss under the tree at Hogwarts. He still had his textbooks from that year, and they were full of hearts and their names put together. He'd been pathetically lovesick back then, and sometimes he felt like he still was.

They went to their favourite restaurant. As they were walking back to Albus' apartment, Scorpius pulled the wooden box out of his pocket and stopped Albus. Getting down on one knee, Scorpius opened the box, revealing two delicate wedding rings.

"Albus Severus Potter, I love you so much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Would you marry me?"

Forcing Scorpius to stand up, Albus kissed the life out of him.

When they separated, Scorpius whispered, "Does that mean yes?"

Albus laughed in response.

Draco put an arm around Scorpius. He'd never been an affectionate father, but he loved his son deeply. He didn't know what he would have become if he had never been born. Scorpius, without knowing it, had allowed Draco to have a happy life.

"I know you're angry at my father, but he's trying to make things right." Draco ignored Scorpius' sneer. "He knows what he did was wrong, and if – when we get back into our own dimension, he will get punished."

Scorpius got out of his arms and glared at Albus. "Look at him. He is only 28 and he has all those wrinkles around his eyes because he can't get me off his mind. How can I just ignore that, and stay at the manor doing nothing?"

"You don't have to do nothing. I'm sure you can help Lucius; you're one of the best Potion masters."

"And then what, Dad? The potion has a three-month incubation. It's ninety days for us, but it's ninety years for them. Assuming we can complete the potion today, Albus will be something like 118 years old and I'll still be 18. What a life! He'll be on his death bed and I'll be at the beginning of my life. I'd rather stay here. Maybe in a couple of days he'll have moved on. His family insists more and more that he dates again. Besides, I don't think I can see Grandfather without killing him, and then we wouldn't really be advanced."

"I'll go back to the manor then. Feel free to join us when you're ready, okay?"


While Scorpius was having his long monologue, James had come back and wrapped Albus up in a blanket. Scorpius smiled when he recognised Albus' old favourite blanket. They had had so much fun watching the fire in the Gryffindor fireplace, snuggling underneath that old thing.

"Wait, Dad!"

"yeah, son?"


Draco smiled and disappeared. Scorpius sat on the floor and fell asleep looking at the man he loved.

When he woke up the next morning, another year had gone by for Albus, and the pain was still so present in his eyes that Scorpius took the decision to go back to the manor.

He needed to find a way to get back to Albus.

The end.

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A/N: Hi everyone. This was my submission for the AS/S Fest on livejournal. I hope you enjoy. It had been beta-read by Schermionie. You did a great job to put up with what I did, thanks a lot.

Chapter One

His office was a mess. There were files everywhere, and none of them were placed in any known classification. Albus Potter had never been the cleanest person in the world, but this disorder was messy, even for him. Somehow, however, he could always find what he was looking for. "It's disorderedly arranged," he would say to his mother whenever she had asked him to clean his room as a kid.

In the doorway, Harry Potter was looking at his son with sadness in his eyes. Albus had his head on his desk, drool connecting the corner of his mouth to one of his precious files. Albus was so exhausted that it kind of broke his father's heart.

Harry used his wand to carefully levitate his son across the room and Apparated them to Godric's Hollow. Albus would probably be more comfortable in his own apartment, but the protective charms in place didn't allow Harry to Apparate there.

As a child of the Second War and as a trained head of the Aurors, that he wasn't able to get through the protection spells made Harry's heart swell with pride. As a father, he wished he could come and go through Albus' apartment as he wanted, but Albus needed his independence. Harry could understand that.

"Honey? Are you home?" Ginny asked from downstairs.

"I'm in Al's room."

Harry pushed the emerald green bedspread out and slowly put his son to bed. He undressed him with a quick spell and used the silver blanket to wipe away the drool still on his face.

When he stood up, Ginny had joined him. "He fell asleep on the job again?"


"He works too hard." There were no reproaches in her voice, but Harry felt guilty anyway.

He wished he knew what to say, what to do to ease Albus' job. It was his own damn fault for teaching his children to be so stubborn.

"There must be something we can do." His voice was only a whisper, and Ginny placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed. He understood what she was saying by that simple gesture.

They stayed awhile in the room, in silence, looking at their son sleeping, the way they did when he was still a boy.

When Albus woke up, it was about three in the morning, and at first, he had no idea where he was. He was only in his boxers, with no sign of his wand, but by the time he'd realised that, light had begun to filter in through the windows. The first things he recognised were the stuffed animals on the wall. He had collected them as a kid and he remembered the day he'd asked his mother to get rid of them.

It was the day before he entered Hogwarts. He'd been packing alone — because he was a grown up now, he had said — when James had passed by the open door of his room. Of course, James had begun to call him a crybaby because he had been putting his favourite lion, Godric, among his clothes. Worked up by the teasing, Albus had gone to his mother and asked her to throw out all of his stuffed animals while he was away. He had never really understood why she had kept them all these years.

In his bed, Albus smiled with melancholy. What wouldn't he do to go back to that period of time where everything was so simple, when he still believed that life was fair and that magic resolved everything.

"What if I'm in Slytherin?"

"Albus Severus, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."

just say —"

"— then Slytherin house will have gained an excellent student, won't it? It doesn't matter to us, Al. But if it matters to you, you'll be able to choose Gryffindor over Slytherin. The Sorting Hat takes your choice into account."


"It did for me."

Much later, in the train, the conversation would turn over and over in his head. The next time James tried to bother him about being a snake, he would shrug and walk away. He was going to be a Gryffindor! It didn't matter where the hat wanted to send him: he was going to be a Gryffindor.

Albus found a free compartment with Rose, and eventually, another of his cousins, Roxanne, came in. The girls talked together, but the conversation bored Albus pretty fast. He didn't particularly care about what they thought of the latest robes' fashion.

"Hey? Where are you going?" Rose asked when Albus stood up.

"I'm just taking a walk."

"Don't go too far: we'll arrive at Hogwarts in less than two hours and you still haven't put your uniform on."

"Yes, Mum."

In answer, Rose stuck her tongue out at him. Albus laughed it off and left.

It was then that he saw him: Scorpius Malfoy.

The boy was getting in a nearby carriage, but their eyes had locked and neither of them were willing to look away. Albus didn't even realise that the door had closed behind him and that the girls had continued their discussion about how old-fashioned Hogwarts' uniforms were.

After a moment, Scorpius smiled shyly — the most beautiful smile — and entered the carriage. The charm broken, Albus shook himself and went back to the girls.

"Already back?"

He groaned in answer and sat the whole two hours' ride in silence, lost in his thoughts.

Later that year, Rose would say that Scorpius had the most boring grey eyes ever, but to Albus, they were the most attractive silver in the world.

Albus' stomach roared. He snapped back into reality and went downstairs where the kitchen was. There was no one around of course, and he didn't want to disturb their only house-elf, Pinky. Besides, it was way over the legal working hour; he would have to pay extra for her services. He took some leftover rosemary and pumpkin chicken with mashed potatoes and cast a reheating charm on them. It had been his favourite meal since he could eat solid food. He had tried to make it himself, using different recipes, but nothing could beat his mother's chicken.

"You could never get enough of this stuff."

"What are you doing up at four, Mum?"

Albus let his mother kiss his forehead. "You know I've always been a light sleeper."

She sat in front of him, a fork in her hand, and took a little piece of chicken from his plate.

"HEY! That's mine!"

Ginny laughed it off and took another bite. "So, why don't you tell me what's wrong. It's the third time this week you've fallen asleep at the office."

"I'm just working on some case. You know the drill: I can't really talk to you about it." Albus couldn't look his mother in the eyes because he knew that she knew it wasn't entirely true. "Dad had a case like that. Remember that serial rapist case in 2023 — he almost didn't come home the entire summer."

"You kids probably don't remember, but we almost divorced that year."

"Oh, we do remember."

"Al? Al? Are you there?"

Albus jumped out of his bed, where he had been trying to read his
Advanced potions book for next year. He picked up his two-way mirror, which was lying on his desk.

"Great, you're here! I have good news! I talked to my dad and he said you can come for a couple of days if your parents are able to trust him."

"Anything to get out of here. They fought again this morning. Something stupid like some dirt my father didn't clean up."

"That sucks babe."

"Yeah… You… you think they're going to… you know."

"I don't know. Their marriage is stronger than my parents' was. They married for love: there's a good chance they're just going through a rough patch."

"I just wish you were here. Things would be easier."

"And I wish I was at the Hollow too. And I can't wait for you to be here."

The ambiance had changed from angsty to playful. "Yeah, and what are your plans for the week-end?"

"Hmm, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you."

Albus bit his lip now, feeling the tension rising. "You could at least give me a little clue."

"Well, let's just say that the manor is three times as big as your house and it's only my father and me. That's a lot of alone time."

Groaning a little, Albus shifted around on his bed, because he was beginning to feel uncomfortable. "I love the sound of that."

"Yeah, I can see that…" Scorpius' eyes were glimmering and shiny. "Hard much?"


There was the sound of zippers going down. Their hands slid into their pants and…

And Albus went back to reality. This wasn't something he wanted to think about whilst eating with his mother. He couldn't help blushing under Ginny's gaze. She was looking at him as if she knew what he was thinking.

Suddenly, he felt just like the little kid he used to be. He blushed and dug into his chicken.

In the morning, Albus went back to his apartment in Diagon Alley, his arms full of prepared meals. He hadn't wanted to take them at first, but his mother had insisted.

There was no one waiting for him at home. Most of the time, he didn't mind. He was a trained Auror and an adult: he didn't need anyone. However, there were days where he missed being with someone. September was the worst time for that.

When he was younger, he loved autumn. He would play with his cousins at the Burrow for hours, making huge piles of leaves and jumping into them. Happy and innocent.

Of course, there had been the autumn that he and Scorpius had played there...

"You're crazy. I am so not doing that."

"Oh come on! Are you a Gryffindor or not!"

"I'm still not doing that. We're not six anymore, we're fourteen. We're too old for things like that."

"Rubbish. We're never too old for anything. Come on, it's fun!"

Albus began to throw leaf after leaf at his friend. Scorpius avoided them one by one, getting angrier by the second.

"Stop it, mate."

Of course, Albus didn't stop. He smirked at his friend, the same smirk that always made Scorpius doubt his sorting. Scorpius tried to back down, but soon his back was against a tree and he couldn't escape. Not that he wanted to anyway.

Albus was so close to him, they could feel each other's warm breath despite the cold October weather. Their eyes locked together, and Al couldn't look away.

Al could feel Scorpius' hard chest against his and he thought that if he was going to die right now, he would die happy. His eyes slipped to Scorpius' pink lips before going back to the grey of his eyes.

He hesitated half a second before brushing his lips against Scorp's.

Scorpius didn't pull away. Confidence growing by the second, Al pressed harder. His hands lightly brushed against his friend's back, and he gripped his hair as a flurry of leaves fell down around them.

Yeah, that had been a good time. Back when he'd had it all. That first kiss was one of his best souvenirs of his days at Hogwarts. Now autumn had a whole different meaning.

He put the meals away and headed for the bathroom. A bath would be most welcome. Using a warming charm to get the water to the perfect temperature, he threw his robes in a corner and plunged into the water.

Albus was getting ready to brew a potion when the door opened. Harry Potter stood in the doorway, imposing in his Auror robes. Albus stiffened almost imperceptibly. Scorpius had just proposed to him a couple of nights ago, and Albus was too happy to argue yet again with his father.

"Dad, if you're here to ask me once again if I want to become an Auror, the answer is still no. I'm really happy with my decision to open an apothecary with Scorp."

Albus was already going back to his potion.

"I'm not here to fight, Sevy."

It had been years since his father called him by that little nickname of theirs.

There was also something in his tone of voice which scared him. "Dad? What's wrong?"

"Maybe you should sit."

"Oh Merlin! Who's dead?"

With so many Aurors in the family, death was the ultimate fear.

"No one's dead, but there was an incident. We don't know what happened yet, it's probably nothing really, but…"

"Dad. Just say it."

"The Malfoys have disappeared."

"What do you mean, disappeared?"

Albus suddenly felt dizzy, as if the world was fading in front of him. "Oh Merlin!" He needed to sit or he was going to faint. "Please tell be that Scorp is okay?"

"We don't know yet, but we think he was there when it happened. We are still trying to make sense of the event." Harry came closer to his son and attempted to touch him.

Albus dodged his hand. He couldn't bear being touched at the moment. He tried to control his respiration, but he felt as if he couldn't breathe. His heart was beating hard in his chest, and Albus was close to hyperventilating. He shook his head left and right, in full denial mode.

"No!" Albus thought. "Everything is fine. Scorp must be on his way now. He just doesn't know about the disappearance. That's it."

Albus plunged into the water, enjoying the pressure over his body. It helped him relax his tense muscles. It was like a safe place where he couldn't hear or see anything. The world disappeared, and the hurt was appeased, even if it was just for a couple of seconds.

The calendar on the left corner of his desk had today's date circled in red. The fifteenth of September. Ten years. It had been ten years since the last time he saw Scorpius. To be honest, Albus was highly sentimental on this day of the year, and he was ready to snap at anyone who bothered him.

Albus called in sick that day. He didn't really feel like working.

His head was full of memories of moments with Scorpius. The long snogging sessions in the dungeons, the time their potion had exploded because they were too busy being lost in each other's eyes, that detention they'd had after they pulled a prank on James in second year, or the time when Scorpius had been attacked by Goyle and the entire Weasley clan had avenged him, making Scorpius an official member of the family.

He closed the curtains in his study and cancelled the protections on the third drawer of the left side of his desk. He got a metal box he had bought long ago in a Muggle shop out of it. The salesperson had said it was the top-notch of security for this kind of home safe. Of course, he had also added his own protection spells, just to make sure.

He left the safe on his desk and went to the library, which contained his old Defence Against the Dark Arts textbooks, some old books from his Auror formation, Dark magic books and other books useful in his line of work. There was nothing special about this library.

Among all the books, Albus took the one named The 20 most used poisons and their antidotes, by Timothy Fletcher. When he opened this book he had read a million times before, there was a hole in which a Muggle key was placed. He put the key in the pocket of his robes and put the book back in its place.

Albus got back to his desk and entered the code to open the safe. Inside the safe, there were pictures of the Malfoy's manor, inside and out, ten scrolls, and a small, brownish, old wooden box hidden underneath. There was something weird about the pictures of the manor. The meal was still on the table, half eaten but still steaming. Where there used to be the portrait of Lady Delilah Malfoy and her family, there was only a black, empty frame. It was like that for all the portraits. Nothing. Nada. They were all gone. Portraits, house-elves — everyone was gone. And that included the Malfoys themselves.

Albus moved the picture aside in order to take out the box. Playing with its key in one hand, he slowly felt the curly engraving in its wood with the other. Some grooves were very delicate; others, larger.

He was about to finally open the box when the door of his office opened with a big boom. It was Teddy Remus Lupin, one of the few Aurors who didn't give a damn if he was the chief and Harry Potter's son, and the only one who wasn't scared of his wrath. Not only was Teddy part of the family, he was also his partner on the job and his best friend.

Teddy just sat in the chair in front of the desk. Albus sighed: he could see the disappointment in his eyes. "What? Don't look at me like that. You know what day it is."

"Exactly. Which is why you're going to lock that bloody box away, and we're going to have a nice, memory-free day. Understood?"

Albus mimicked the soldiers he saw in Muggle films by saluting. "Yes, sir."

"You get two minutes."

Teddy stood up and waited for him, tapping his foot on the floor and watching his pocket watch. They didn't have all day.


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Draco was pacing in the waiting room. He glance at Astoria. She was calmly sitting on a red chair.

I can't believe she is being so calm, he thought.

"Will you sit down, Draco? Worrying yourself sick is not going to help. Healer Kravitz is a powerful healer, and he knows his job well."

"But what if— What if he can't save him? You heard what the nurse said. He is not even a month old that he could die. Die, Astoria."

"I know, and I'm scared too. But there is nothing we can do."

"I won't survive losing him."


Draco reached out to touch Scorpius, but he brought back his hand fraction of second before touching him. He is still so small, and Draco is afraid that if he does touch him, he is going to break him.

The nurse smiled gently at him. She had been on the job for a long time, so she understood. She took Scorpius in her arm and put Scorpius in his arm.

"You see, no problems."

Draco doesn't listen to her at this point. Scorpius reached for Draco's chin, and Draco feel is heart swelled with something he never felt before: unconditional love.


The End.
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Drago was reading in the manor's library when he heard the scream.


He jumped, his book flying under one of the tables. When he arrived in his bedroom, Astoria was cramped in two, her arms circling her belly. Blood was falling between her thighs.


He took her in his arm and Dispararated them at St-Mungos.

It was not long for two healers to take charge and to bring her in a private room.

Draco stayed immobile in the hallway, unable to shack off the horror he just saw. He was paralysed by the fear of losing them.

July part 1

Draco was looking at the big window, but it was like he was looking into empty space. All those newborns in their little blue and pink blanket; they were babbling, innocent and unaware of the cruelty of the outside world.

His vision was blurry, and he certainly hoped no one would see him like that.

"Mister Malfoy?" a nurse asked.

He turned away from her and wiped his eyes.

"Do you want to see your son? He is in the back-nursery."

"Can I?"

"Of course."

His heart missed a beat when he saw the small boy in his incubator.

July part 2

Drago pressed his hand on the glass.

"Scorpius," he whispered, his voice broken.

The newborn was so small he could stand in his two hands. His heart beat and respiration were monitored, and tubes were going out of his nose.

Don't you die on me, little boy.

Sensing a presence, he opened his tinny little silver eyes. His hands, not bigger than a golf ball, moved around. One of his feet hit the glass where Draco's hands were.

Despite the tears he knew were running down his face, Draco smiled.

It was his son, his Scorpius.

He had to survive.

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Draco thought that odd cravings were legends, but they weren't apparently, or he wouldn't be at Diagon Alley so early in the morning. Since the war, Draco hated being seen in public, but it was not so bad because the Alley was pretty empty.

Walking, he caught eyes with a scar he knew well. He took the newspaper that was showing a smiling Harry Potter.

"How Harry Potter overcame his childhood trauma and became the perfect father. Exclusive Interview!" was written of the cover.

Draco snorted; how ridicule that was. Still, he opened the magazine and read the article.


Draco was about to fall asleep when Astoria pocked him on the side.

"Draco, Draco."


"It kicked. The baby kicked."

"It's probably just gazes again."

"No, no, it really is the baby kicking. Touch!"

She grabbed his hand and put it on her round belly. She looked at him expectantly.

Draco straightened himself. "I felt her."

"Her? What makes you think it's a girl?"

"Wishful thinking I guess. A girl would have it so much easier. She wouldn't always be compared to me."

"Your past really worries you, isn't it?"

"How could it not."

She kissed him in comfort.


Draco and Astoria were getting prepared to sleep.

"You know what we should do?"


"We should decorate the baby's room ourselves."

"Why would we do that? We'll as the house-elves to do it. Like any other family."

"Oh, come on Draco. It would be fun."

He looked at her in the eyes, and seeing that she truly wanted to do that, he caved. "Fine, I'll look into it."

She kissed him with all the passion of their first kiss and smiled the brightest smile. He laughed, and his arm tugged Astoria against him.

"I love you," he muttered.

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"What do you think about Sirius or Scorpius if it is a boy?"

"Don't you think it's a little early to be choosing name? We don't know what could happen."

Astoria sounded terrified when she said: "Don't say things like that. Do you want something terrible to happen to the baby?"

"Of course, not," he cried out as if she had insulted him.

"I'm sorry, honey. It is just that you don't seem that happy about the news."

"Of course, I'm happy," he whispered while hugging her, "I'm the happiest man in the world."

Thanks Merlin he was an accomplished liar.

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The official results came in the day after New Year Eve.

"Congratulations, Astoria. You're exactly four weeks and two days pregnant."

Draco saw her hand affectionately touched her flat belly. She was smilling for the first time in days. Draco could sense her happiness, and he only felt worst for not sharing the same enthusiast.

He tried to ignore her frown as he locked himself in his office. He couldn't deal with that, not now.

He just wasn't ready for this.

It was too soon.

In a moment of anger, he threw the content of his desk on the floor.

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A/N: This had been written for the The Pondering Parenthood Challenge on HPFC. There is on chapter by month of the pregnancy (plus a bonus chapter along the way!).

The vomiting began around Christmas. The House-elf woke them up, and before Draco could have given her a good-morning kiss, she was running to the bedroom's adjacent bathroom.

Draco took his bathrobe and held her long hair out of the way.

"You okay?"

"Yes, I must have eaten something bad at the gala."

After a couple of days of that kind of morning, Draco began to worry.

"Office of Healer Theodore Nott, please," he said in the fireplace. "Theodore, you think you could come check on Astoria? I think she may be pregnant."

Please, don't be, he prayed.

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A/N: Hi! Here's my answer for the Next Generation goes to Hogwarts competition on the HPFC forum. "Someone aka Me" has corrected some mistakes I made, so thanks to you! Enjoy!


Lorcan Scamander took Lysander's hand as the whistle of the Hogwarts Express blew. He forced his brother toward the train. "Faster, Lyz! We are going to be late again!"

"Stop pulling me. I can walk without your help." Lysander tried to get his hand back, but Lorcan was clutching to it like his life depended on it.

Behind them, Rolf Scamanter rolled his eyes and sighed. He was undergoing a headache since yesterday, and Lorcan's high-pitched screams weren't helping. "Boys! It's enough."

When they reached the train, Lorcan let go of Lysander's hand and ran inside. He waved his hand to his folks and yelled his goodbye, almost missing the step and falling.

Lysander stayed behind, taking all his time to hug his father. Rolf ruffled his son's dark-blond hair. "Have fun."

Then, Lysander kissed and hugged tightly his mother. They heard a second whistle, and Luna tried to get out of the embrace. Lysander refused to let go. "Mummy, I don't want to go. Don't make me."

She smiled to him. "Sweety, you will have a great time at Hogwart. And we'll write to you every day. Go, go, now, or you'll miss the train for real."

Seconds later, Lorcan was taking his hand once again and pulled him into the train. "I already got us a compartment. We'll ride with Al and Rose and the Malfoy kid. How cool is that?"

Lorcan was excited, and he almost didn't catch the tears in Lysander's chestnut eyes.

"Don't cry, lil' bro. It's not like we'll never see them again. Christmas will be there before you know it."

Embarrassed, Lysander wiped the tears off. At least he wasn't alone; he still had his brother. They were twins, so nothing could separate them, right? Not even the Sorting Hat, right? He sure hoped they would be in the same house. But you're a stupid crybaby. You're not brave like Lor. He'll probably be a Gryffindor and you'll be a poor little Hufflepuff.

He cringed, ready to cry, but Lorcan passed an arm on his shoulder and pressed them against each other. "You won't be alone. I swear on the Secret Pledges of Twins I'll always be with you. Until death do us part! "

And just like that, Lysander felt like smiling again. They entered in the compartment together, hand in hand, finger intertwined. Lor wouldn't disappoint him; everything was going to be fine.

The end
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A/N: I wanted to go with some characters I didn't explore yet. This one is kinda sad-ish though.

From his corner of the Great Hall, Lorcan Scamander can't believe how beautiful Louis Weasley is. He dances and laughs and swirls around the crowd like he own it. When he smiles, Lorcan feels his knee weakening. He wants Louis to be his. But he knows it's impossible.

Louis is to everyone and no one all at once. He is a free spirit. Louis wouldn't be Louis if he wasn't. He can't be locked in the cage of his possession.

Lorcan knows, so he keeps his distance.

Doesn't mean he cannot imagine that each smiled from Louis is for him.

The Scarf

Aug. 13th, 2011 12:50 am
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A/N: A little moment between brothers. Albus is 15 and James is 18, and I like to think that the "S" stands for Scorpius, but it could be anyone.

His room, usually so immaculate, is a mess. The problem is; James can't find his favourite scarf, the Gryffindor-red one in cashmere with the silver "S" and the golden "J" interlaced. It's really the one he wanted to wear tonight.

He throws his clothes over his shoulder. He feels his brother behind him, but he doesn't turn.

"Is that what's you looking for?"

"Yes! Where…?"

"Downstairs with your coat, like usual."

James takes the scarf from Albus' fist, "Thanks bro. Love ya."

Then he ruffles his hair and kisses him on the cheek.

Albus pushes him away, "Shut it arsehole."


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